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Saving a failing iMac hard drive

edited December 2013 in General
Apple said my iMac hard drive is failing. I need to save its contents to my macbook pro. Apple said to get a firewire to backup the iMac to the macbook pro. I did. OK, now what?


  • Hi! Thanks for the post! Do you mean that you just got the cable and are ready to do the backup, or you've already done the backup? I'll assume you just got the cable, in which case you need to connect the two together, and power on the iMac while holding down the "t" key. It should power up into target mode, and you should see a blue screen with the yellow target mode symbol. The orange hard drive icon of the iMac should then appear on the desktop of the MacBook Pro, and you can go into your user folder and copy over whatever files you need (music, pictures, documents, etc.)

    Let me know if I'm off target, or if you have more questions.


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