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Macbook pro core 2 1 beep no boot

edited December 2013 in MacBook Pro
Macbook pro core 2 will not start, the LED flashes 5 times on and after 1 beep every second without starting, try Resetar the Pram but ignores the keyboard, the battery was removed, changed ram, booting without ram and does the same, the card was washed with isopropyl alcohol counting the slot of reports, you change hdd, he attempted another magsafe and all, thanks for your comments which are hopefully not take it to apple care center ...


  • edited December 2013
    Hi! Thanks for the post! 5 flashes usually means that the laptop is trying to tell you the battery is bad, but in that case the laptop will boot up normally after the light flashes, so I assume this is not your situation.

    It's also possible you have a bad RAM slot. Power on with one slot empty, and if that doesn't change the behavior, power on with the other slot empty.

    If that doesn't help, then I would ask, have you seen this laptop functioning with the RAM you are using? If not, it may be bad, and you might need to try different RAM.

    Post the last 3 digits of your serial so I can look up your laptop.

    Let me know how it goes!


  • Mr. Jhon, thank's again, the macbook was working with the rams and i change it with the rams from other macbook working, even the rams from the macbook in question was tested in a difrent macbook and work, if i took out all the memories rams nothing changes, remains the same flashes and sound after the flashes
  • Serial Number: WQ028HN8ATM
    Model: - MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010)
  • Hmmmm...I hate to say it, but if you've taken the battery out, and it beeps with one slot empty and also with the other slot empty, it's probably a bad board. If you send me the last 3 of the serial I can look up the particular laptop and see if I have more ideas. It it a 15" or a 17" by chance? If so, make sure you're using an 85W AC adapter.
  • Serial Number: WQ028HN8ATM
    Model: - MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010)
  • hi there , i have the exact same problem with my mbp Mid 2009 core 2 , i recently formated and reinstalled the OS Mavericks , now have two probs on
    1st one is the LED flash
    2nd one is the battery: is says No battery available with the X Icon inside.

    P.S i did try all the steps i was supposed to try like: Pram/Vram, the left shift/Ctrl/option/ and the power button, even i did try holding the power botton for 5 seconds with the battery and megsafe out. nothing seems to work.

    about the LED, i really think its Cleaning and Wires checking matters, cuz everytime i clean and make sure the cables are fine it works.

    Plz i really need your help guys.
    thank you guys for having time to read and reply to my comment.
  • Hi Rayan! Sorry for the delay.

    How many times does the light flash? The sleep light will flash 5 times on a MacBook Pro if the computer thinks it needs a new battery, or does not have a battery. It would seem odd that installing Mavericks would bring about this behavior.

    You mentioned cleaning...are you sure the battery connector is in place and fully seated? If it's disconnected, that would cause the flashing sleep light.

    I would Google "Coconut Battery", and download it and install it, and see what the numbers on your battery are. You may just have a bad battery. A 2009 is now 5 years old, after all. By looking at Coconut Battery you will be able to see what the maximum capacity of the battery is compared to when it was new, and also if it's currently taking a charge. If it's not charging, or the max capacity is, for example, only 20% of new, then you're definitely in the market for a replacement battery.

    Thanks, and let me know how it goes!

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