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m5884 powerbook 4g does not turn on

edited October 2013 in PowerBook
m5884 powerbook 4g does not turn on. The battery charges. The connector light is green. It just does not want to power on. I've changed adapters. Did what you did on the video about the PRAM.

I push the power button and nothing happens. The battery is fully charged. I even tried to power on with and without the battery. I've left it unplugged with nothing for weeks at a time.

It was working fine. I put it away for a few month. I was overseas. When I got back, I plugged it in and that's when it didn't turn on.

Hope you can help me. Thanks!


  • Hi! That's an odd case. Did you try powering it on when the PRAM battery was disconnected? You've probably got a bad board. I wish there was more I could say, but if the battery charges, that tells you the DC-in and AC adapter are good, and if it worked before, that indicates it's not a mechanical issue caused by a previous tech, etc., so there's not a whole lot left.

    It's possible the humidity, heat, dust, or other conditions in storage have damaged the board. Dust conducts electricity and can cause an electrical short. Heat and humidity can warp a board, causing critical traces to crack and fail to connect. You might want to blow it out with compressed air, and I'd also try the generic memory test -- attempt powering on with one module out, and then the other. Also, when you try the PRAM thing, you're very close to a lot of connectors, so make sure nothing has come loose.

    Beyond that, all you can do with a laptop that is simply not responding is disassemble it one piece at a time, and attempt to power on with every step. The HD, optical, etc. Check for guides. If you get to the point where you are jumping the power with a pair of tweezers (ruling out the topcase, and the connection between the power button and the board) and everything else has been removed and it still doesn't power on, you've pretty much logically determined that your board is shot.

    On the bright side, you can probably buy another fully working Titanium on eBay for $40. :-)

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks!

    I'll try what you said. I didn't want to lose my pictures.

    I guess it's time for a new Laptop.

    Once again, Thanks!!!!
  • To save the pictures, you can always put the drive in an enclosure like one of these, and then connect it to another Mac via USB. Just make sure you get an enclosure that is IDE and not SATA. Plus, once you've salvaged the pictures, you can erase the drive, and it can double as a backup drive."+hard+drive+usb+enclosure&_sop=15
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