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edited March 2011 in General
I just bought this macbook and I am trying to repair it. The computer loads and then the screen goes white. Sometimes the screen goes into a checkered pattern down the middle. I was wondering if their is any fix for this or do i have to get a whole new logic board.


  • edited April 2011
    Hi Ernie! Thanks for the question! Sorry for the delay -- I've been on vacation.

    I'd guess it has the video issue that is common with these machines, but the first logical test is to power it on while connected to an external video source. If it does not show any video externally, or the video is distorted, it's likely you have the video issue. If the external video looks fine, you may have a problem with your video cabling or display hardware.

    Apple has replaced the board for no cost on every machine with the video issue I've ever brought them, and they can easily diagnose it, so best solution is probably to let them deal with it. There is no reasonable alternate solution for the video issue, unless you have a very expensive rework station and the experience to use it.

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