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Mid 2010 MacBook Pro 13" question

edited January 2011 in MacBook Pro
After watching your keyboard replacement video I have a question I hope you can answer.

Well my sons 4 month old MacBook Pro 13" took on water the other day. It seems to be working fine after drying out. The water was spilled on the keyboard. We are happy it is working but if now his extra 2 year applecare is gone I was thinking he should apply for a refund since it can never be serviced if sensors are tripped.

I found this website showing where 4 of them are:

And the 4 in the first picture are fine. But my question is this, in the second picture looks like there are 4 more under the keyboard. But the picture says MacBook Pro 15". So does the 13" only have the 4 or is there 8?


  • edited January 2011
    Thanks for the question! Unfortunately I don't have examples of either machine to look at currently, however, for what it's worth the latest MBP 13" service manual only shows it having four sensors, and they appear to be roughly in line with the four in the first picture that you reference. It doesn't state that it only has four sensors, but in the only discussion of sensors, it shows the four in the first picture.

    Even if the sensors haven't been activated, keep in mind that liquid spills are often visible regardless, because when liquid (even water) dries, it tends to leave somewhat of a stain. I believe they can reject your machine based on any evidence of a liquid spill, i.e. I don't think they require a sensor to be activated as proof if they see other evidence.

    Anyway, sorry I don't have the machines in front of me to confirm 100%, but hopefully that helps some.


  • I have checked the logic board and all area I can see without removing the keyboard and don't see anything. I am guessing there is only 4.
  • Do you have a link to the newest service manual?
  • Please e-mail me at Thanks!
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