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Problems with my macbook unibody

edited October 2010 in General
I have a problem with my macbook suddenly it stared to write in capitalize letters and then come back to normal, but one day only capital letters, this is very annoying because of the passwords, I had try another keyboard and it works normaly, I already dissasambled and everything with the board seems normal, what can i do to normalize my mac, thanks


  • Hi Hugo! Thanks for the post. When you state that you've tried another keyboard, do you mean another internal keyboard, or an external USB keyboard? I'm assuming probably external. But the answer either way is probably to just replace the keyboard. I am assuming you are the person who responded to my YouTube can get MacBook Pro unibody keyboards on eBay without the topcase for about $50, so it's worth the investment. Just search for "MacBook Pro unibody keyboard", and make sure to get one with illumination, if you are replacing one with illumination. The fact that another keyboard works means that the problem is with the current keyboard, and keyboard damage of this type is not generally repairable, because it usually has to do with the circuitry being affected.
  • Thanks for your quick answer, about the keyboard, yes it was an external keyboard and worked ok and yes, I´m the person who responded to the youtube video. I will look about the MacBook Pro unibody keyboard but the problem is that mine is not pro, is just a macbook unibody, thanks.
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    I could be wrong, but I think it's the same part, and you just need to leave out the parts related to illumination (from what I remember, the non-Pro version doesn't have illumination?) I would look underneath your computer to get the model number (it should be something like a1278) and then search eBay for "xxxx keyboard", where xxxx is the model number, and I'm sure you'll find a good replacement.
  • Yes, that is the model numbre a1278 and I already bougth the keyboard, wich is different in the enter keystroke, I just have to wait until the pice arrives from Honk Kong and see if everything works fine, thanks for your support I will post the results.
  • Hey just to inform you, I reassambly the macbook and it just worked perfect, no need to replace the keyboard, the problem in my opinion whas the conector ribbbon it wasnt properly conected, so I did a trick, with sticky tape I get the ribbon and put it inside the conector until it conected deep inside and now is working fine, thanks for your help
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