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Powerbook G4 start up problem

edited July 2013 in PowerBook
I have watched your video on this topic, but it seems my problem is different. My Powerbook G4 will try to boot with the charging cabling inside and also when I disconnect the charge cable, it will try to boot. When I say 'try to boot' I mean it will try and make noise for about 5 seconds and then die.
I have tried taking out the ram and putting it in the bottom slot (it was in the upper slot). This did not help.
Do you have any suggestion on what I could try next?


  • Hi! Thanks for the post!

    I am not sure which of the videos you you have a Titanium (black keys) or an Aluminum (silver keys)?

    I would twist the AC adapter plug in the socket and see if its color changes. If you notice that it changes color as you turn it, that could indicate a flaky DC-in. I'd also try another AC adapter if you have one around.

    Does this problem occur when the AC adapter is disconnected and you are on battery power, and also when connected to AC? If it happens in both cases, and you've tested the memory slots as you mentioned, the next step is probably to let the machine sit overnight disconnected from both AC and battery. Some power issues can be at least temporarily resolved this way, by allowing a "bad charge" within the machine to dissipate.

    If it still does it after that, you've probably got either a bad DC-in (the socket you plug the AC into), or a bad board. Let me know which PowerBook you have though (last 3 digits of the serial will tell me exactly what you have), because that will let me give you the various options based on each machine.


  • Thanks so much! This was the video I watched of you: I have the model with aluminium and silver keys. QHX are the last 3 digits of the serial number.

    I have tried twisting the AC adapter while booting and it stays green. No colour change. The problem occurs in both situations: with the laptop plugged in and als when it's on battery only. I will try the tip you gave about removing the battery and the AC tonight.

    The DC in is fine. I have tried several. Do you think it is the board?
  • That's great that you have tried several DC-ins -- with aluminums, it's always difficult to know whether the DC-in or the board is the problem. So, yes, I would guess it's the board. I have seen some aluminums that power off randomly due to a stripped battery connector cable that gets crimped and shorts out, so you might want to take a look to see if that is happening, and even disconnect the battery connector cable temporarily.

    Beyond that, there's not a whole lot to be done. In order to determine the cause, I always strip a machine down as far as possible to remove extraneous elements. Optical, PRAM battery, hard drive, topcase/keyboard, etc. (Which reminds me -- have you jumped the board while the keyboard is disconnected to rule out the keyboard?) But anyway, if at any point when removing parts you notice the problem disappears, then you've found the bad part. And if you're down to just the board and it still does it, then you've also found the bad part. :-)

    Anyway, good luck, and let me know how it goes!

  • m5884 powerbook 4g does not turn on. The battery charges. The connector light is green. It just does not want to power on. I've changed adapters. Did what you did on the video about the PRAM.

    I push the power button and nothing happens. The battery is fully charged. I even tried to power on with and without the battery. I've left it unplugged with nothing for weeks at a time.

    It was working fine. I put it away for a few month. I was overseas. When I got back, I plugged it in and that's when it didn't turn on.

    Hope you can help me. Thanks!
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