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Mac for gaming

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I'm looking to buy my first computer for gaming purposes. I was wondering if you could suggest what you think would be the best option. I know it isn't going to be cheap so, please don't hold back. Thanks!


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    Do you really intend to get a Mac for the purpose of gaming? I just mention this because PCs are geared more toward gaming than Macs, not to mention there are more PC games available. Also, the video cards and processors in Macs tend to be a few steps behind what you can get for PCs.

    If you DO want a Mac for gaming, I suspect the cost/performance winner might be the iMac. They have large screens, powerful video, and i3 and i5 processors. The Mac Pro has more horsepower, and allows you to upgrade the internal video, but chances are it's cost-prohibitive if you're intending to use the machine mostly for games. However, if you're also wanting to do hardcore music production, digital video, attach several large monitors, etc., then the Mac Pro might be worth looking at. I'd recommend the Apple refurb store:

    Apple refurbs are about 10%-30% off the current prices, plus they are in new condition and come with warranty.

    If you want a PC, building your own is the way to go. Otherwise, you'll pay a premium and likely end up with slightly outdated specs. I rebuild my main desktop PC every three years, and I start by looking on eBay to see what is current. You can also go to Fry's to get a sense of motherboards, processors, and video cards, and then decide where you want to be in the range, and start pricing components. The hardest part is to match the motherboard, RAM, and processor. If you've never build a computer I'd recommend an eBay "bundle" which has all three of these included (and also typically a fan for the processor). You might end up paying $20-$50 extra for the bundle, but it's sometimes worth it to avoid the mess associated with accidentally picking incompatible components.

    Anyway, if you're going the PC route and have questions, let me know, and I can go into more detail.
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