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Backlit keyboard on 90% of the time

edited June 2010 in MacBook Pro
Hi! I bought a 13" MacBook Pro that had beer spilled on the keyboard. It seems to work pretty well after being cleaned up, however I've noticed that the backlit keyboard light is almost always on, except when the overhead lighting is really, really bright. Is this normal? When I shine a flashlight into the sensor (by the iSight camera) it turns off, so I know it's working. It doesn't seem there is a "sensitivity" setting in System Preferences. I don't have much experience with unibody machines, so I'm not sure if it's normal for it to be on most of the time, or if I may be looking at a slight side-effect of the liquid damage. Thanks!


  • i always turn that setting off on my mbp as i can manually determine (the rare times) when i need a bit of help seeing the keys. maybe the sensor is just obstructed in some way? so it thinks it's dark all the time?
  • That's cool. It may be functioning fine...I suppose the level of lighting in my house is probably pretty low in general. I was just trying to determine if there was something wrong or not, but at the end of the day, even if it's malfunctioning somewhat, it's not a horrible problem to have.
  • Since the time I posted this question, I've run across a few other unibody machines that also were not so seamless at detecting my backlighting needs. If I owned one of these computers, I think I'd end up turning it off as well, so as not to waste my own time being distracted by it constantly.
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