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  • Hi John sorry for the long update: had uni exams and it took forever to find and order the correct parts required without being a registered business! I ended up buying a very standard 20W iron (ANTEX) with a 0.1mm tip along with some 0.4mm solder (…
  • No worries thanks for the excellent reply. A few video pins had some black colour and the liquid got spilt right over the display connector, but I've cleaned it all up and I'm getting a perfect image when I shine a light on the screen (don't have an…
  • Just an update if anyone actually reads this: turned out to be a keyboard issue after all - it's amazing how resilient the logic boards are especially after buying a badly water damaged unibody from a normal person (i.e someone without a tri-wing sc…
  • I finally managed to get hold of a service manual for the new Macbook pros, so if anyone is wanting to know where the jumper contacts are for powering it on without a keyboard here you are: 13" MBP (Mid 2009)…
  • "On the unibody non-Pro MacBook, the contacts for jumping the board are right above the trackpad plug, a slightly different location than on the 15" Pro unibody." Could you explain where exactly the contacts for jumping the 15" …