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  • Yeah i can and i already know about this whole gpu poblem but sellers don't agree before being showed a paragraph stating the issue and by the way no need to be angry. I came to this…
  • A bit more formal style. Like this model has this limitation and this defect and its worth this much
  • Hey john can you give a reason for not buying a 2008 macbook pro as a lot of people says its a loss and gpu dies. would be nice if you provide a formal a reason and price it is worth…
  • hey john anyway to jump start this board 820-2013 board without topcase like drive drive or inserting ram or something Edit: I found this tutorial on youtube where the guy shows turning late 2006 on by touching keyboard pins
  • Thats exactly what i am talkig about anyway to turn this board on with charger on no keyboard so is there a pinout for the keyboard connector so i can short those pins in connector t…
  • That's a quiet confusing still on the a1342 keyboard you can short the pins to simulate power button.Can the still be done on this 20-07 board like shorting some pin to ground and si…
  • ok louis rossmann was my first guess anyway
  • Hey john was wondering if you know someone who can read the schematics and tell me what those pads would do i can provide the component number and pins function
  • well certainly no harm can be done and for purpose of knowing these well imagine someone not knowing the power-on pads and being told by some fellow to just take the keyboard ribbon …
  • Well i am just curious about it so seeing that posting photo with circles won"t help identify damge i took the liberty of identifying the componets and and their function lines …
  • Boards working right now but i want to know anyway would be nice to know what will stop it working and what will fix it.The circled points in photo are what i am interested in and ye…