Sell Me Your Broken MacBook

I buy all Apple MacBooks, regardless of condition.

What do you have?

macbook MacBook
macbook pro MacBook Pro
macbook-air MacBook Air

If you don’t know all of these details, I’ll contact you with questions.

The specs of your laptop can be located by pulling down the Apple Menu and selecting "About This Mac". If your laptop does not power up, the serial number can often be found printed on the underside.


(This allows us to look up the exact version of your device.)

Terms of selling a device to RDKL, inc.:

By submitting a request to RDKL, Inc., for a quote related to the potential sale of a device, you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions specified in this document throughout the transaction related to the sale of the device.  In addition, you are signifying that the device in question meets the requirements specified in this document.

All devices sold to RDKL, Inc., must be owned by the individual submitting the quote request, and must have been purchased or acquired via legal and legitimate means.  Devices must not be property of another party, be it an individual, business, school, government agency, or place of employment.  If a device is found to be the property of another party, or to have been acquired by the seller via unlawful means, authorities will be contacted.  The seller agrees to accept all responsibility for inaccurately representing a device as being in compliance with the terms, and the seller agrees to incur the cost of any and all related legal and court fees which may arise as a result of the device having been misrepresented.  The seller agrees to hold RDKL, Inc., harmless, legally and financially, in the case that the seller inaccurately represents a device as being in complaince with the terms.

The amount quoted by RDKL, Inc., is a good faith estimate based on information provided by the seller in the quote request.  The quoted amount is an estimate, and it is not a binding agreement.  Receipt of the device at RDKL, Inc., signifies the seller's intent to sell at the quoted price, and payment of the quoted price to the seller constitutes the transfer of ownership of the device to RDKL, Inc.  Devices shipped to RDKL, Inc., which are found to be "not as described" may be determined to be of a different value than initially quoted.  RDKL, Inc., may choose to respond with an adjusted quote upon determination of "not as described" status, or RDKL, Inc., may choose to return the item to the seller.  The seller has the right to reject or accept the adjusted quote, and if an agreement as to sale price cannot be made, the device will be returned to the seller.  RDKL, Inc., reserves the right to return the device to the seller for any reason.

It is the seller's responsibility to ship the quoted device to RDKL, Inc., at the seller's expense, and to notify RDKL, Inc., of the arriving shipment.  Double-boxed packaging, tracking numbers, "signature required" designation, and shipping insurance are highly recommended, and RDKL, Inc., cannot be responsible for packages which do not successfully arrive at RDKL, Inc.  Loss and/or shipping damage during transit to RDKL, Inc., are the seller's responsibility, and it is the seller's responsibility to file a claim if desired and otherwise communicate with the shipper.

Upon receipt of the device at RDKL, Inc., and upon verification that the device is accurately represented by information provided by the seller in the quote request, payment will be submitted to the seller via the seller's preference of PayPal payment or company check.  PayPal is a service provider which charges a small transaction fee (approximately 3% of the total amount).  This fee is to be paid by the seller, and the final amount the seller receives via PayPal payment will be the total amount quoted minus the service fee.

Although RDKL, Inc., always attempts to erase hard drives and remove personal data before a device is sold to another party, RDKL, Inc., cannot guarantee that all traces of the seller's identity have been permanently removed, and it is therefore the seller's responsibility to remove personal data from a device before selling it to RDKL, Inc.  The seller agrees to hold RDKL, Inc., harmless of any responsibility or financial or legal costs which may result should personal or sensitive data be received by another party.

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