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  • Jhon, When you boot up holding the option key down, what do you see? Your description is kind of difficult to pin down what's going on.
  • I tried all of the above. No charge indicated anywhere and the battery indicator does not blink when plugged in and off. As soon as it is powered on, sure enough the light on the charger turns green and then amber... Odd indeed.
  • Thanks for the info. What's the best way to get in touch with you for solder work?
  • Thanks for the info. Do you know anywhere that replaces chips this small? I don't think I'm qualified enough to replace. Let alone where to buy the chip.
  • John, Oddly enough it had a bad battery. Once I installed a new batter all symptoms went away. Thanks again for your help troubleshooting...
  • Thanks John. It's a 2009 A1286. The fans also kick on immediately when the computer boots and SMC and PRAM haven't helped. Nor did target mode. I guess I'll start swapping parts.
  • Thanks for the tips. I swapped the case and the MacBook is working great again. Luckily I found a cheap case for it but all in all still an expensive power button ;-)
  • Thanks John, I'll try that next. I'm not disconnecting the keyboard while triggering the pad. It's a MacBook unibody A1278 from 2008.
  • Thanks John. So I replaced the IR cable and the computer sleeps once again. The keyboard is definitely working minus the power button. I used tweezers on the two pads in green in the picture below: http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i322/devitol…
  • So I tried your tips and unfortunately I could never get the device to boot to POST...Just a sleep light, spinning hard drive and every third boot some action from the SuperDrive. Either the EFI is really tanked or coincidentally there is a hardwar…
  • Thanks for the tips. I'll begin tinkering tonight and will let you know how I make out.
  • Thanks John, This is what the previous owner details happened: [blockquote] So I spent a day becoming somewhat familiar with it and decided to install Umbutu for dual booting. On my PC I downloaded the [ubuntu] 11.04 iso, and used the USB installer…